Compassionate Care to Treat Both Mind and Body

Our clinic encompasses a broad spectrum of programs and services -- from expert medication evaluation and outpatient counseling for troubling, personal issues to treatment for substance abuse and eating disorders,

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For over a decade, Advanced Behavioral Health Center has consistently provided excellent psychiatric as well as mental and behavioral health counseling services. Our goal is to deliver high quality, affordable, comprehensive mental health care to each person who seeks our assistance. "The Best Way Out Is Always Through" --- Robert Frost

Mental and Behavioral Health Services


1Mental Health Counseling can be defined as a relatively short-term, interpersonal, theory-based process of helping persons who are basically psychologically healthy resolve developmental and situational problems. Our Counseling has distinct stages from initiation to termination.

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2Psychotherapy (or therapy) traditionally focuses on serious problems associated with intrapsychic, internal, and personal issues and conflicts. It emphasizes on the past more than the present, on insight more than change, on the detachment of the therapist, and the therapist’s role as an expert.

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Diagnostic Evaluations

3The major feature of a psychiatric evaluation is one or more face-to-face interviews in which the mental health professional asks the patient open-ended and diagnosis-specific questions to elicit answers that may be relevant in diagnosing a mental health condition.

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Medication Management

4Psychiatric medication management requires a complete understanding of the patient’s current and past medical status, and may involve in some cases a focal physical examination, laboratory work or even imaging studies. Psychiatric medication may be provided to patients indefinitely if needed.

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