Adel Ceballos

Adel Ceballos; MS, LMHC

Adel Ceballos, was born in Miami, FL and received her Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University in 2009 and her Master’s degree in Mental Health and Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in 2012. During the time Adel was acquiring her Mental Health and Counseling Licensure, she explored different approaches in helping individuals by acquiring her Past Life Regression Certification with Dr. Brian Weiss, and her Iridology Certification with Nature’s Sunshine. Adel is currently working on completing her PhD in Human Services at Carlos Albizu University.

Adel’s knowledge and varied background in providing therapeutic services to all ages makes her passion towards human services unique. In 2009, Adel began working with infants and adolescents diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum as well as behavioral issues, depression, anxiety, OCD, oppositional defiance, and much more. In 2015, Adel began working with a gender sensitive population working with youths displaying truancy, behavioral issues, substance use, trauma, ungovernably, and academic underachievement. In 2016, Adel moved to Orlando where she continued to work within the human service field. During Adel’s many years as a therapy provider; Adel has worked almost extensively with adults by assisting them during some of lifes more difficult times. Adel has worked with adults (21 – 65+ years old) in assisting them with marriage, family issues, depression, anxiety, self improvement, change of life, and much more by helping them to identify and utilize new coping skills.
Through years of clinical work within the mental health field, Adel is aware that each individual is unique and that each one of us walks a different path. She is a firm believer that no individual is the same and that each session should be geared towards bettering the individual’s growth through the approach that best fits the individual’s needs. Each journey of healing is completed by taking small steps, allowing the individual to develop their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses, reaching one milestone at a time.