Cristina Warrington

Anne “Cristina” Warrington –  LCSW

CristinaCristina Warrington has served as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2004. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human Services in 1998 from Virginia Wesley University, and earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work in 2002 from Gallaudet University in Washington DC. Cristina has twenty years of experience in the field of Deafness and hearing loss and is fluent in American Sign Language. In this capacity Cristina has worked as an Internationally Certified Advanced Drug Counselor in one of the only Substance Use Disorder treatment facilities in the country which service the Deaf.

In addition, she has served as a therapist at the National Deaf Academy in Mount Dora, FL working with children and adolescents. Cristina was a grant recipient from the United States Department of Education for her work with Deaf children. In addition to her work with the Deaf Community, Cristina has extensively provided services to “hearing” children, adolescents, and adults. Her clinical expertise includes tools to assess and treat depression, anxiety, grief and loss, especially as these disorders relate to substance abuse, trauma, and disability.